ameristar casino in council bluffs

Ameristar Casino In Council Bluffs, Iowa

Ameristar Casino is a well-known gaming establishment with around 300 slot machines and five poker tables. They are located on the ground floor of Ameristar’s Casino in Council Bluffs. If you have been to this casino before, you may notice that they are somewhat unique and offer the usual amenities like drinks, food, and of course, slots and poker.

Slots: The slot machines are located at each of the three poker tables. Each of these machines offer three different games. The speed of each game is so fast that it makes for a great way to kill some time on your trip to the casino. You can win as much as $5 per hour, if you play regularly.

Poker: There are also two poker tables at the casino. The winning amount per hand is extremely low. However, it is still worth playing the poker table to win some cash. This is a fun way to take some time out of your busy schedule to unwind.

Other amenities include a dart board, pool table, and lounge. There is no additional fee to enter into the lounge. You can enjoy music, drinks, and eat when you visit the lounge.

There are a few things that you should know before visiting the casino. First of all, if you are under 21 years old, you will need to get a guardian with you to sign for you. If you don’t get a guardian, you could be arrested for being underage.

Another thing to remember is that the casino hours are from 12:00 midnight to midnight. This means that you cannot enter the casino during these hours. If you do not have anyone with you who has a car, you could be required to get rides home.

Finally, a word about the security at the casino. There is no particular type of security system employed at the casino. However, the casino has an area where all gamblers must enter and leave through to ensure that the security is up to par.

Overall, this casino offers a variety of things for all of its patrons. One of the things that make this casino stand out is that they offer unique and exciting games that you just won’t find anywhere else.