ameristar council bluffs casino

Ameristar Council Bluffs Casino – The Perfect Place to Gaze

If you want to gamble away your life savings in Las Vegas, Ameristar Council Bluffs Casino is the place for you. This state of the art casino has a number of games, exotic shows and quite an impressive collection of gambling equipment. It boasts of quite a number of beautiful world class resorts and hotels that can satisfy your every desire.

The exciting tracks, all the action from baseball to football, American football, basketball, soccer, cricket and tennis, will appeal to sports fanatics. There are two training fields that will train you with the latest international football equipment. The races are exciting and will have you glued to the television set.

The private yachts can be viewed by the general public and can be hired. As they say, a private yacht is like a prize possession. You can even hire a DJ to entertain you.

There is a good chance to win huge prizes here and all you need to do is purchase one of the many slot machines. With so many exciting games it would not be wrong to say that the casino is unbeatable. You can even visit the VIP lounge. The lounge is filled with expensive food and drinks and you can even visit the spa on your way out.

You can select from various packages to suit your budget. These packages include room service, air conditioning, hair dryers, table tennis table, fitness center, indoor parking, casino game play and long distance phone calls.

A great option for married couples is the hotel restaurant, where they can dine al fresco. You can also pick up a bottle of wine or champagne and enjoy your meal while chatting to the people around you. If you are interested in the latest trends in fashion, this is the place to be.

The staffs at the casino are well trained and have a stellar selection of drinks. You may find them friendly and helpful, but at the same time you know you will get exactly what you want. Each guest will have their own unique experience at the casino.

Ameristar Council Bluffs Casino has a perfect blend of modern technology and the old school in the style of Vegas. Not just a place to gamble away your money, this is also a great place to relax and unwind.