Ameristar Casino is located in Kansas City, Missouri. The casino consists of three different themed entertainment facilities and includes an animated show and live bands. It also features a mini bowling alley, blackjack games, blackjack roulette table, and video poker.

ameristar casino kansas city missouri

When people think of Kansas City they think of the lovely downtown area. There are many casinos that exist throughout the city. Ameristar Casino is located within walking distance to all of the major hotels in the city and around Kansas City Missouri. However, there are also other casino attractions for guests to enjoy.

The casino has gaming and entertainment features such as electronic shuffleboard machines, slot machines, video poker, and even full-service restaurants. While not a huge venue it does have plenty of food options available. One of the best locations to eat is a bistro. Guests can have the high-end taste of authentic Italian cuisine and can also enjoy hors oeuvres and coffee while they enjoy the game.

Guests can also be entertained while they are gambling. Many of the casino shows take place in this area of the casino. Some of the more popular show features include the red room or theater style shows. If these types of shows are not your thing then the laser show is a great option.

Many of the light shows are powered by LED’s that create spectacular displays. At times you can even see a hologram. Many of the shows feature actors from the area and you may get to meet them if you visit during the week.

Ameristar Casino has also added a stop watch to their casino. This is a great tool to use when you want to know how much time you have left to complete a round of blackjack. It will tell you if you have enough time to complete your next move.

The different gaming games on the casino are diverse. This allows guests to find something that they enjoy playing no matter what their skill level. You can try online slots and try out the new electronic roulette game.

Entertainment is vital to any casino. Guests need to be entertained they will definitely come back to play. It is important to provide an enjoyable environment that is comfortable for the guest. The guests will return because of the entertainment provided.