One of the hottest new casinos to hit the market is Ameristar Casino in Council Bluffs, Iowa. Being one of the hottest new casino openings, this casino has made waves with the local media. This casino was promoted heavily through local television and radio advertising.

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The casino was built in the heart of Iowa City just one block from the state capitol building. Not only that, but it was constructed right next to a State Department of Transportation carpool lane which adds to the convenience of the casino, and is a popular place for children to play because of the noise they make as they roll around in the dirt on the lanes.

This means that people who park their cars at the Town Car Pool Lane have to walk across the street to the casino. Now you might ask, how will the people who live in Council Bluffs, Iowa to benefit from this? This is a great question, because the casino will be a boon to the Council Bluffs economy.

Ameristar Casino in Council Bluffs will bring additional business to Council Bluffs. It is already known that many customers stay in Iowa City so when they choose to gamble in Iowa, they are likely to do so in Council Bluffs. And, that means there will be additional jobs in the area. Ameristar Casino in Council Bluffs will help the community to grow.

Not only that, but the Town Government of Council Bluffs has been involved in planning the casino and surrounding areas. This means that the community is aware of how this casino will affect the town and the surrounding areas. They have participated in the entire process of the casino’s construction. So, this is truly something that the community is involved in.

The developer, Atlantic Technology, plans to construct a hotel on the casino site. The planned hotel will feature an outdoor swimming pool. This will benefit the neighboring communities because these pools will provide access to the town car pool lane.

These two additional employment opportunities will lead to more income for the residents of Council Bluffs. This money will go to be spent locally, which will benefit the entire community. They will benefit from their tax dollars being spent by the citizens of Council Bluffs.

Ameristar Casino in Council Bluffs will be a welcome addition to the booming Iowa gambling industry. This casino will bring more money to the community by opening up additional employment opportunities, while also providing an economic boost to the town.